Shenzhen Wcistar Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic product solution company. Products cover automotive, industrial, communication and other industries, such as automotive chassis, T-BOX, BCM, BMS, electric power steering, electric tools, energy storage, 5G base stations, etc., to provide customers with high-quality IC selection, solution customization, and Circuit design and development, providing one-stop supporting services, and solving the problems of enterprises in the customization of various complex technical solutions in the application of electronic products.

Relying on the strong and exquisite technical strength, with the concept of exquisite service and customer first, the company has successfully reached strategic cooperation with many enterprises, contributed to long-term business strategic cooperative relations, and left a good reputation in the industry, with a certain influence. At present and all kinds of ODM, OEM and terminal customers to carry out extensive cooperation. The company is based on the Pearl River Delta, expand the national market, with high-quality products, original technical advantages, strong market competitiveness, and flexible change of cooperation mode to serve the majority of new and old customers.

Our company is determined to become a systematic electronic supply chain management supplier. The company has a young, knowledgeable, pioneering and innovative team, senior technical personnel, to provide customers with strong technical support.

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To provide one-stop procurement services and solutions for electronic components and semiconductor components

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