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What does new energy vehicle OBC mean?

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New energy vehicle OBC is a power electronic device that charges the on-board power battery, namely the on-board charger.

Introduction to car charger:

An on-board charger is a charger that is fixed to an electric vehicle and has the ability to safely and automatically fully charge the electric vehicle's power battery. The charger can dynamically adjust the charging current or voltage parameters and perform corresponding actions according to the data provided by the battery management system to complete the charging process.

The role of car charger:

It CAN communicate with the vehicle monitoring system through the high-speed CAN network, upload the working status, working parameters and fault alarm information of the charger, and accept the control command to start charging or stop charging. The CHARGER should be able to ensure that the voltage, temperature and current of the power battery do not exceed the allowable value when charging, and have the function of preventing the output short circuit and reverse connection.

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