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New energy vehicle OBC basic introduction

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For ordinary consumers of new energy vehicles, they mainly focus on two experiences: one is driving experience, including power, comfort, entertainment, etc., and the other is charging experience.

What is a charging experience?

Considering the specifications of the OBC vehicle charger, a 1100W OBC vehicle charger, which means a full 8800Wh battery (range of 650km-750km), requires 8h (hours). Compared to the time it takes to fill up a cell phone or fill up a gas tank, that's a long time.

As a matter of fact, the 1100W OBC on-board charger has a high power level and can meet daily demands. Therefore, continuously improving the charging rate is the development direction of OBC on-board charger.

Speaking of OBC, what is OBC?

OBC is short for on-board Charger. Its main function is to connect the grid voltage to the on-board Charger through AC charging pile and AC charging port On the ground to charge the electric battery. The current OBC on-board chargers are generally isolated OBC by default, which means that an electrical isolation layer of 2500V-3750V voltage resistance should be set between the power grid end and the on-board end to improve electrical safety.

Electrical ISOLATION: A WAY OF AVOIDING THE DIRECT FLOW OF CURRENT FROM ONE AREA TO ANOTHER IN a CIRCUIT, THAT IS, WITHOUT ESTABLISHING a PATH FOR THE direct FLOW OF CURRENT BETWEEN TWO AREAS. Although an electric current cannot flow directly, energy can still be transmitted by other means, such as electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic waves, or by optical, acoustic, or mechanical means.

Electrical isolation: The main function of electrical isolation is to reduce the mutual interference between two different circuits.

For example, if an actual circuit works in a poor environment, it is prone to grounding faults. If it is directly connected to the power supply without electrical isolation, once the circuit is grounded, the entire power grid may be affected by the grounding phenomenon and cannot work normally.

When using electrical isolation, the circuit grounding will not affect the work of the power grid, and can also through the insulation monitoring device to detect the circuit of the insulation condition, once the circuit ground, can timely alarm, remind managers to repair or processed on time, avoid tripping protection device is a power failure occurs.

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